Naval seeks dialogue with Petrobras to keep the naval industry alive in Brazil

One of the effects of the ten-day shutdown of the truckers-category stopped on the 21st of May to demand a reduction in diesel oil prices-was the resignation of the president of Petrobras, Pedro Kinsman, after two years in office. The change in state is seen with attention by the naval industry, since Petrobras is the main plaintiff.

"We hope that the new president, Ivan Monteiro, will adopt a posture of dialogue. We will look for it to talk and thus demonstrate the importance that the shipbuilding industry has in generating income and jobs in Brazil, "says the vice-President of the Navy, Sérgio B.

The director of Ivens Consult, Ivan Leão, reveals that the balance of 2017 of Petrobras points out losses and increase of net expenses that add up to R $4.532 billion in shipbuilding projects in Brazil. The works refer to oil tankers and FPSO hulls, in contracts with Eisa-Petroum, South Atlantic Shipyard, Ecovix-Engevix Oceanic Constructions, Naval Industry inlet and Tietê River shipyard.

B disagrees with analysts who advocate the quality of the former president of Petrobras as manager of the company, for him a good manager is the one who listens and tries to mediate situations. "He (relative) radicalized his point of view with the intention of solving the Petrobras cash problem and forgot that the company has a key role for the Brazilian economy and everything that revolves around the company," he says.

For him, the pricing policy adopted by the then President of Petrobras was inconsequential, since it caused the country's dissupply with the strike of the truckers and "forced the hand" of the already weakened Federal government. "The account who pays in the end is the whole of Brazilians," says B. An account that already begins to emerge with the official inflation that sped 0.40% in the month of May, in April the national index of Consumer prices wide (IPCA) was 0.22%, according to reported last Friday (8) The Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE).

The president of Petrobras, Ivan Monteiro, has already publicly stated that the company will await the results of the public consultation opened by the National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP) with a view to defining the periodicity of the adjustments of the Price of gasoline, before making a decision. For the time being, Petrobras maintains the practice of daily readjustment of the price of gasoline.

Generation of jobs–the vice-President of the Navy states that the entity works to reverse the situation initiated from 2014, in which Petrobras changed the way of hiring and began to privilege China in the company's demands. What caused the fall in the generation of jobs and compromised the national shipyards that act primarily to serve the oil and gas industry.

"A pertinent comparison I have used is that in 2014 the shipbuilding industry employed 82000 people directly and the automobile industry, with all the incentives that are not few, employed 136,000 people. Given this, the question I ask is: if the number of jobs generated in Brazil is similar, why does the automobile maintain the privileges and the naval is thrown into the corner? "says B.

The efforts of the Navy and the discussion of the future of the naval industry are on the agenda of the 15th Marintec South America, the main event of South America dedicated to the sectors of shipbuilding, maintenance and operations. The event takes place from 14 to 16 August from 13 to 20 hours at the SulAmérica convention Center, Rio de Janeiro (RJ).

"Marintec is extremely important to the naval sector," B points out. He recalls that at the time as director of the Merchant Marine Fund, he was the first government leader to help in formatting the first edition of the Fair. "From then on I participated in all editions. In recent years, we feel that the retraction of the sector has affected Marintec as well, but I believe in the strength of the event as a forum for discussion and presentation of innovations to keep the naval industry alive in Brazil, "concludes vice president of the Navy.


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