Petrobras negotiations may be harmed by obstacle of asset sales

Forbidden to complete the sale of new assets and initiate projects with partners, with the exception of those who were trading phase, from December 2016, by an injunction of the Court of Audit (TCU), Petrobras has proven to be worried about unable to perform an investment program this year.

According to newspaper sources O Globo, the state is waiting for the TCU judge the case on June 8, releasing it to resume the program, which has approximately US $ 15 billion, without additional resources. The company said in a statement that the sale of assets and the partnership program is one of the "key points" for financial recovery of the state.

Because of the injunction, the period of 2015/2016, Petrobras failed to achieve the target of US $ 15.1 billion in asset sales as it was expected, and totaled US $ 13.6 billion. The goal that the state wants to achieve in the 2017/2018 period is greater than $ 21 billion.

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