Business with China can provide US $5 billion to Petrobras

After Petrobras and Chinese CNPC sign a term of commitment to begin negotiations regarding strategic partnerships, as was reported previously by the Offshore brazilian State Panorama may receive a line of credit of $ $5 billion from China Development Bank (CDB).

With this credit, Petrobras more than doubles the value that is currently available, which is about $ $6 billion dollars. The partnership with the Chinese company seeking opportunities on both sides in all segments of the oil and gas and, within this agreement, is the company in building a refinery in the Rio de Janeiro petrochemical complex (Comperj), which, according to information, requires the investment between $ $3.5 to $ $4 billion.

If the partnership to materialize, Comperj project could generate at least the opening of 10000 direct jobs and other opportunities should arise during the development of new projects. On the other hand, the Chinese demanded greater participation in works made by Petrobras and the hiring of suppliers of the Asian country, which would reduce the supply of goods and services.

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