New hires make P&G sector walk

According to recent data, the oil and gas sector in Brazil has begun to generate new vacancies for qualified professionals of technical and superior. According to a study by Firjan (Federation of Industries state of Rio de Janeiro), about 4,500 new posts of work only in the area of exploration and production of Rio.

The Brazilian Petroleum Institute (IBP) states that the number of job vacancies in the producing states is expected to double by 2022 in the exploration, production and drilling sectors. The novelty is good for those who search return to the market or enter the segment, but it is necessary to invest in qualification, since the P&G industry is one of the ones that pay the largest salaries of the country. According to the IBP, remuneration in the oil and gas market are, on average, six times higher than in other industrial activities.

The president of Equinor Brazil, Margareth Øvrum, revealed that the company intends to expand hiring in the country as early as the coming years. “We see significant growth in Brazil. We’ll probably increase our production of three to five times by 2030. We are recruiting quickly, and a of the biggest challenges is to get the right people,” he said.


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