New way to transform sunlight into energy

Scientists discover new ways to transform sunlight into energy through the photosynthetic photosynthesis. Research conducted at the University of Cambridge pointed out that it is possible to carry out this process made by the plants through technology.

The researchers found a solution in the photolysis of water, with the help of chlorophyll and light energy, it is possible to separate the atoms from the molecule (H ₂). With this, the specialists were able to intensify the sunlight in the lab and thus increase production to stock up on energy.

This new form aims to convert hydrogen into clean and sustainable energy. To achieve this achievement, hydrogense, a type of enzyme found in algae, is used to conduct a function that no longer happens in nature.

According to one of the research members, Erwin Reisner, this work opens large doors for future solar energy conversion systems. This idea is not new, but other studies are still being carried out.

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