New gasoline will be more expensive and mandatory from August

On Tuesday (14), the National Agency of Oil, Gas and Biofuels (ANP) reported that a new gasoline with higher quality and able to make cars more efficient, will become mandatory throughout the country from August 3. However, the fuel should suffer an increase in price. 

The agency explained that the changes made in gasoline give the fuel greater energy efficiency, improving the autonomy of vehicles by reducing consumption, improving handling and enabling the introduction of more efficient engine technologies, with lower levels of consumption and emissions.

According to the note, the main changes inserted in the new specification of automotive gasoline include the definition of: minimum specific mass value (ME) of 715.0 kg/m3; minimum value for distillation temperature in 50% (T50) for gasoline A, 77.0 ºC; and ron's minimum octane value.

Regarding ron (Research Octane Number), the agency clarified: "The minimum amount of ron octane, for ordinary gasoline, will be 92, from August 3, 2020, and 93, from January 1, 2022. For premium gasoline, it will be 97, already from August 3 next"