New gas law must be voted on without amendments

Bill (PL) 4.476/2020, which deals with the new regulatory framework for the gas sector in the country, returned to the House of Representatives and awaits a vote, which should be completed soon. In the Senate, the bill was already passed last year.

The text provides for the authorization regime for the transport of natural gas and ends the exclusivity of the states in the distribution of the product, among other measures. According to Fernando Bezerra Coelho (MDB-PE), leader of the government in the Senate, the preference is to vote on the original bill – without the modifications made by senators in relation to the use of diesel in thermal power plants, permission to transport biomethane gas in pipelines and reserve to the states of distribution service.

The new gas law is one of the priorities of the government, which has already said it is willing to work for the approval of the original text. It is worth remembering that the text received four new amendments accepted in the Senate. As it has been modified, it will be voted on again by Members.


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