Financial oxygen: new plan to sell assets of Petrobras should be reissued

In the next few weeks, Petrobras must launch the new version of your asset sale plan with the modifications set forth by TCU (Tribunal de Contas da União), according to the State President, Pedro Parente. The new model should follow the previous strategic guidelines, released in 2015, but with changes in trading methodologies.

Although it doesn't advance the assets that will be in the list of sales, confirming only the maintenance of BR Distribuidora, the Executive said that the plan the company will continue sending invitations to any interested, but that the prospectus on the opening of negotiations for each asset will be published on the website of the Organization, which opens opportunity for any company can participate.

For determination of TCU, the process was halted in December 2016. But despite the obstacles, the President of Petrobras said that the State will maintain its goal of raising $34.6 billion by the end of the program. Only in 2015, were seized by the State about $13.6 billion.

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