New rules will establish sulphur reduction in fuel

New rules of the IMO (International Maritime Organization) will establish sulphur reduction in fuel. According to William France, executive manager of marketing and marketing of Petrobras, the rules enter into force from 2020. The state sees as a great opportunity the implementation of this standard.

The model defined by the IMO, says that from the first of January the fuel for ships should have a maximum of 0.5% sulphur, currently the limit is 3.5%. According to the institute, the objective is to reduce pollution in the transport of goods by ships.

According to the director of global consultancy Platts, Esa Ramasay, the measure is not entirely positive, as it will affect the world economy and provides an increase of 50% in the cost of fuel for ships. The action would damage the entire population. What's at stake? The cleaning of the ecosystem or the economy?

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