New technology for batteries

There is an estimate that in the future, we will pass through 1 1 severe crisis in the energy matrix, given that the current lithium-ion batteries (also used in electronic devices) are not as effective because of the increased demand for energy. With the aim of increasing renewable energy sources, a new battery technology, preferably cheap, efficient and environmentally friendly, will be required.

That's where the lithium-air batteries come in, a new project studied in most of the world. Brazil has also shown efforts to create its version of the idea. The presentation took place during the second day of FAPESP Week London 2019.

Nowadays, these incredible inventions work only at the experimental level, using oxygen from the environment as a reagent and storing additional energy through an electrochemical reaction that forms lithium oxide.

"It is a sustainable way of storing electricity. With advances, it can withstand numerous unloading and loading cycles. It has great potential for use in transport, both in light and heavy vehicles. It can also work in electricity distribution networks, "said Rubens Maciel Filho, professor at the State University of Campinas (UNICAMP) and researcher.

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