Trump signalizes possible reckoning with Iran

During a meeting between G7 leaders, Donald Trump signaled that there is still a possibility of dialogue between the United States and Iran. The American President stated that "he wants to make Iran rich again" and that "his goal is not a regime change," he added. However, Trump reported that it is still early for a meeting between Iranian authorities, such as the diplomat Mohammad Zarif, and that for now will not change the policy of sanctions imposed on Tehran.

This Monday (26) takes place the last day of meeting of the G7 in Biarritz, France, which counted on the participation of leaders of the group countries. At the invitation of the French President, Emmanuel Macron, Iranian chancellor Zarif went to the country and met with members of the Governments of Germany, the United Kingdom and France. The objective of the meeting was to promote the commitment of Europeans with the agreement on the nuclear program of Tehran, which had the exit of the United States and which triggered the trade conflicts between Americans and Iranians.

Since the United States ' departure from the Iran nuclear program agreement in 2015, the Americans have resumed imposing economic sanctions on the Iranians, especially the oil and gas sector, so the Iranian government accounts for less money in the box and faces difficulties To relate commercially to other countries in the global market due to a certain "isolation" generated by the US. In view of this, Europeans propose the implementation of a system called "Instex" to mitigate the impact of sanctions, however, the system provides only for essential sectors such as pharmaceuticals and food.

Despite Macron's initiative to invite Zarif to the G7, it is still early for a possible reconciliation between the United States and Iran. Still, France and the European Union want to convince Donald Trump to suspend at least the veto on oil exploration, the main source of income for the Iranians. Iran's President Hassan Rouhani stated that he "would not hesitate to meet with anyone if it meant prosperity to Iran and resolved the problems of the people."

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