In the ups and downs of the fickle oil balance

When we are watching the sea can see the natural balance of water. Even when you’ve calmed down, it is possible to notice the coming and going of waves. So, how does this balance of the ocean, we can also understand oil prices recently. No wonder the oil come from these deep waters that now are calm and, at other times, more agitated.

Since the Organization of Petroleum producing countries (Opec) decided to restrict global production of “black gold” the objective was to enhance the prices were falling sharply. As time went by, a new agreement to keep the production cuts was performed. But, the question that remains in the air is: will all these efforts will make the oil go back to shine?

From 2014, oil prices are falling and, last year, it might be noted uncertainties in your price, but still low compared to times of recovery before 2014. As changeable as the price of a barrel of oil is the doubt about the effectiveness of the OPEC agreement.

The current setting on the world’s oil is based on uncertainty, do you know when and if commodity prices will return to their glory days. It will take more a period of worldwide production cuts extension? The next OPEC meeting, which is scheduled for November 30, should decide that and also assess if the new agreement is yielding good fruit, even though statistically does not appear.


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