In total, Petrobras will have to return 200 areas to the ANP

As has already been said before, Petrobras will have to return about 100 land areas being terrestrial and in shallow water. However, José Fernandes Freitas, coordinator of terrestrial areas of ANP, reported that it will be double, totaling 200 regions. The forecast is that this return project is completed by the year 2019.

Among the 200 areas that will be returned are the Topaz project fields, corresponding to 100 terrestrial regions, and the Arctic Project, in which it equates to the fields in shallow water. They both belong to Brazilian northeast locations, which contains about 75% of the oil fields.

The Entreguismo of Petrobras in front of the exploration blocks of oil is being constant, allowing foreign companies increasingly acquire the national patrimony. Want more news about the area of oil, gas, energy, gasoline, fuels, Petrobras, onshore and offshore. Visit the portal of Offshore Panorama and remember: your business. Check out:


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