Northeast can become self-sufficient with investments in natural gas

The northeast is known for its large capacity to produce wind and solar energy and the region has gained even more prominence with investments in natural gas in the coming years. The suggestion of the Energy research Company (EPE), is that the state of Pernambuco receives an application of approximately R $5.9 billion in the new plant to help the locality to reach about 2,469 megawatts up to 2027.

For the company EPE, subordinated to the Ministry of Mines and Energy, investments will help to make the Northeast region strong and self-sufficient in energy. Bahia and Ceará already have plants with natural gas operation. The states of Pernambuco and Rio Grande do Sul appear among future investments.

The plan provides for the electric sector r $393 billion in applications, divided into R $226 billion for centralized generation projects (all production of the energy system), r $60 billion in distributed generation and r $108 billion in transmission. Investments should be heated, even in the future the northeastern economic sector and the population.

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