Norwegian invests US $25 million in the Sea of Pernambuco

The sea of Pernambuco can become an oil exploration point from next year. And the studies that will make this new business viable are about to happen. Is that a ship from the Norwegian Spectrum company has just landed in the Pernambuco basin in order to check whether local conditions favor the accumulation of oil, natural gas and hydrocarbons. And the expectations are high, so much so that the initial investment is of US $25 million.

"We will take an X-ray of the Pernambuco-Paraíba basin to identify whether there are hydrological conditions favorable to exploitation," revealed the general manager of Spectrum in Brazil, João Correa, who wants to start work in the next few days. "We already have authorization from the ANP (National Oil Agency) and the Navy. We're just waiting for Ibama's environmental license, but we're already at the last stage of the process and the staff is already on the ship. So by the time we get the license, the job begins, "he said. The Norwegian ship must stay on the Pernambuco coast for up to four months.

Correa explained that the study represents the first stage of the exploration of an oil field-the Spectrum, for example, has already done this work in the basins of Ceará and Campos (RJ). Is that the Norwegian ship emits sounds and, from the analysis of these sounds, realizes whether there is a chance of accumulation of oil. Finding real business opportunity, Spectrum sells these studies to oil companies, which tend to participate in government auctions to earn the right to drill the fields in search of oil and natural gas. "It is the data that we will collect that will allow operators to assess the geological risk and have an interest in investing in the region," he concluded, remembering that the Pernambuco-Paraíba basin is to be auctioned in 2019 in the 16th round of auctions of the ANP.

"It is the initial work so that in the future there is an exploration of the Pernambuco coast," confirmed the Minister of Mines and Energy, Fernando Filho, saying, even, that the auction of this basin has not yet been carried out because of the lack of this information. "We let the studies be done so that in the next round we have more solid information. And we hope that there will be interest of the companies, "said the minister, remembering that the basin has already been auctioned in the past, but has not been exploited precisely by the lack of studies.

The Spectrum, however, does not fear the history. Correa argued that the company always operates in unexplored areas like this and promised to sell the data obtained in the region around the world to ensure the return of investments. "It's a risky activity, but we're looking for customers to do it," Correa said, while ensuring that, despite being bulky, Spectrum's investment is the smallest that can be generated by the oil chain. Source: Pernambuco Leaf.

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