New gas discovery in Senegal

Oil companies BP and Kosmos Energy announced a new gas discovery in Senegal. The exploration drilling in block 1-Yakaar offshore Profond Cayar discovered gross resources of gas.

This discovery marks an important step in the construction of new business from BP in Mauritania and Senegal. The Kosmos and BP currently hold a 30% stake in Offshore Profond Profond Cayar's license.

Until today, the main discovery in acreage is the field Tortue that crosses the maritime border of Mauritania and Senegal. The partners are planning a LNG facility near the sea to develop the discovery, with a final decision of investment planned for the next year and first gas in 2021.

The companies also said they plan to test the discovery of Tortue along 2017 and drill three additional exploration wells in the next 12 months off the coast of Senegal and Mauritania.

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