New Secretary of Natural gas of the IBR is the engineer Luiz Costamilan

The engineer Luiz Carlos Costamilan is the Executive Secretary of the Brazilian Natural gas from oil, gas and Biofuels (IBP), a position created in the new moment in the natural gas sector suitable for an environment of greater diversity and competitiveness.

With over 35 years of industry experience, graduated in mechanical engineering and a master's degree in petroleum engineering, Costamilan has extensive resume of services provided to the industry.

Started career at Petrobras, where he worked for 23 years, holding various management positions in the areas of business, international trade, and Natural Gas. He was responsible for project implementation – Brazil-Bolivia pipeline, Gasbol, as Executive Vice-President of Braspetro (international subsidiary) and Operations Manager for Brasoil UK.

He was President of Brazil during 10 years, BG since the start of operations in the country, in 1999, and then served as President of the company for the Southern Cone, managing activities in four countries in Latin America with a focus on the development of the gas market in the region. Currently, exercised the function of consultant in the area of energy, offshore and natural gas, as well as integrate advice from several companies, as Queiroz Galvão and Huisman of the exploration and production Brazil.

In this new scenario of the natural gas sector in the country, with the reduction of the participation of Petrobras in different segments of the chain, the initiative of the Ministry of mines and energy (MME) "gas to Grow" study of effective measures of improvement of industry standards, Costamilan will be an important addition to the Executive Board of the IBP.

"It's the right profile, at the right time. A privilege for our industry rely on the experience and enthusiasm of Costamilan right now of transformation of the Natural gas segment, "said Jorge Calderon, President of IBP.


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