New price indicators for ethanol

To provide the necessary transparency of prices for the brazilian ethanol industry, the global agency of commodity price reports and market intelligence, Argus, launched a series of price indicators for anhydrous and hydrated ethanol in the Center-South region, the main producing region of Brazil.

The Argus publishes all the information it uses to determine the prices of Brazilian ethanol, including the minimum and maximum values of the deals completed, the volume-weighted average of the reported transactions, traded volumes, the number of deals completed, freight differentials and comments about the market. The Argus provides specific information about the commercial activity in each of the 11 mocrorregiões producers of the Central-South, allowing market participants to view Interstate/interregional arbitrage opportunities.

"The brazilian ethanol industry has struggled to find a reference that follow international standards of excellence in commodity price indices. Companies have been looking for a fully transparent methodology that represents the complexity of the sector with a sophisticated level of market knowledge and the Argus worked with them to provide it, "said Adrian Binks, publisher and ceo of Argus.

The new indicators of Argus ethanol prices are part of the recently launched Argus Brazil Ethanol report, available in Portuguese, and complement the series of spot prices and market commentary publication Argus Americas Biofuels for the biofuel industry in the Americas.


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