New energy projects between Russia and Venezuela

During the international economic forum in St. Petersburg, Russia's second largest city, the ambassadors of the Russian Federation and Venezuela discussed about future cooperation projects and new prospects in the energy sector between countries.

The Venezuela was very interested in doing projects with the Russian country. However, the Venezuelan Ambassador, Carlos Faria, said bilateral plans with Russia should be integrated, but not isolated.

This is not the first time that the country located in Northern Eurasia tries to deal in the sector of energy and oil, as the Offshore Panorama had already disclosed. In January, the Deputy Minister of economy of Russia, Alexei Gruzdev, announced that the country has claims to strengthen relations with Cuba to increase supply of petroleum and petroleum products to the Cubans.

In December 2016, the Russian President came into agreement with Iran for the coordination of actions in the global oil and gas markets. In addition, despite not participating in the OPEC cartel, Russia has invested efforts to help in the reduction of oil output proposed by OPEC members.

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