Number of oil-hit sites have reached 999

According to the latest balance sheet released by the Brazilian Institute environment and Renewable Natural Resources (IBAMA), the number of locations affected by oil has already reached 999 and the Northeast, Rio de Janeiro and Espirito Santo still have 433 locations with fragments.

Oil is no longer found in large spots, but the presence of small particles of the substance requires more difficult work and also has an impact on the environment, especially fauna.

The still oil-based localities are distributed from the following maranhão (27), Piauí (8), Ceará (2), Rio Grande do Norte (9), Paraíba (1), Pernambuco (15), Alagoas (62), Sergipe (43), Bahia (215), Espírito Santo (49) and Rio de Janeiro (2). In relation to fauna, at least 159 oiled animals have already been identified by the institute.