The future of the offshore market in Brazil deserves reflection

The offshore market has grown and advanced in gradual proportions, with new forms of sustainable production. Now the sector has turned to wind power area, installing nearby towers or next to the platforms. The action, besides being innovative, has been helping to preserve the environment. New technologies are being developed by large companies in the sector.

The expectation is that the market gradually multiply with the progress of new production techniques. In the 9th edition of Brazil windpower the event held in Brazil debated the future of energy in the offshore market. Still according to the general secretary of GWEC, Steve Sawyer, the offshore market has its highest continuous concentration in Europe.

In Brazil, Petrobras concluded a project that is able to measure the capacity of the coastal winds of Rio Grande do Norte, fulfilled three of the six stages of installation of the pilot project and defined that the largest potentials for offshore exploration are on the coastal Northeast, Rio de Janeiro and southern Brazil.

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