The impact of offshore confinement on the mental health of employees

It is known that offshore work brings employees a completely different life from most people. The offshore oil tanker containment regime produces important peculiar effects on mental health and the quality of life of workers and their families. Due to the fact that they remain 14 days, or more, away from social life, these people start to have many disorders, irritations and tensions.

Many cling to new technologies to escape this situation and give a good continuity to work, but it is not always that this can be done. Thus, the type of offshore work has become a job that requires extensive mental health and difficult to maintain for many years.

For psychologist Dafiny Barreto, the institution ends up imposing a different way of life and to live this kind of routine, sometimes it is necessary to stop being who was to become a someone who realizes the demands of the office.

“There is “my self mortification”, a process by which the person loses his references, personal security, social rules learned, his role in the family and civil routine. All this due to the distancing of the family group and society, along with the imposition of rules of conduct and goals established by the company.” he explained.


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