The offshore market leads on the list of job vacancies

The offshore market has advanced in employment opportunities linked to the oil and gas sector and has led the list of job vacancies, are about 126 occupancy possibilities. There are several functions as technicians, in the area of service and provision of services.

In the technical part are automotive and mechanical automotive aligned, administrative auxiliary, logistics auxiliary, technical auxiliary in materials, fireman Civil Professional, automotive electrician, driver D, electronic technician subsea and technician in Computer. In the area of attendance are auxiliary general services, bartender, hairdresser, home to hostel, designer consultant, dressmaker, graphic design, waiter, maitre, manicure/pedicure, marketing-Internship, massotherapist/beautician, Pizzaiolo and Vehicle polisher.

The increase and leadership in number of vacancies is evident, and in addition, it generates many employment opportunities in various areas of occupation to further leverage the sector.

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