Oil in the Northeast of the country

Oil is, to date, one of the largest raw materials in the production of energy, products and fuels in the country. The most of it is located in sedimentary basins on land and oceans – they are responsible for much of the production of oil and gas in the country.

For natural reasons, some regions have more concentration of oil than others. The Brazilian Northeast, for example, is responsible for a considerable amount. Including, recently, Petrobras made the greatest discovery of oil deposits since pre-salt in the region. Were six oil fields that also have an extraction capacity of 20 million of natural gas – an estimate that will make Brazil have a cheaper gas price.

It is possible to have a notion of productive potential in the Northeast from a report released by Petrobras. According to the state, among the 10 largest producing states, there are five from the Northeast: Bahia (4th), Sergipe (5th), Rio Grande do Norte (6th), Alagoas (8th) and Ceará (9th). Among the largest oil producer was Rio Grande do Norte, with more than 57 thousand boe/d. However, accounting for oil and gas, the leader went to Bahia, with approximately 75,000 boe/d.


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