The value of oil in the P&E industry

The oil that is extracted from the sea is the main responsible for movement of the offshore sector, which as its name translates: away from the coast, on the high seas. Currently, the global economy is supported through the oil, whether for the generation of energy or fuel for the transport of people and objects all over the world.

Oil exploration and extraction requires thorough because it is a work on the high seas —usually far removed from the continent — which pierces the underground layers of the Earth. For this, it is detailed planning needs to be made for the construction of the platform, without presenting risks not only to the safety of workers who will operate, as well as for the preservation of the environment.

Offshore work usually takes days or even months to be realized and depends on the life of the well. The branch has an extensive variety of job vacancies, from naval engineer to a professional intended to clean the vessels.

In Brazil, there are expectations that the market will return to heated by investments, especially from foreign countries, due to the privatizations of oil wells and a possible de-privatization of the Petrobras.


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