Oddone maintains date of oil Megaleilão

"From a regulatory standpoint, the auction is settled. The rules are put, "said Décio Oddone, director general of the National Agency for Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP). After participating in a public hearing in the House of Deputies, the Director stated that the regulator is ready to perform the oil megaly of the onerous assignment, which will take place on November 6th.

The ANP published the notice two months before the auction on 6 September, but the Court of Auditors of the Union (TCU) still needs to approve and can eventually compel the government to make adjustments. However, the process is not on the agenda of the public session of the Court of Auditors of this Wednesday, 25.

The Chamber also needs to approve the PEC (proposal for amendment to the Constitution), which provides compensation to Petrobras and that divides the bonus of the auction between Union, states and municipalities – a value of R $106.5 billion. The proposal was also on the agenda of the meeting of Tuesday (24) of the Committee on Constitution and Justice (CCJ) of the House, 14 HS. Oddone did not comment on the proposal's procedure.

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