Odebrecht tries to reopen doors with banks

After the car wash Operation a lot has changed in the Odebrecht Group. However, the company has the expectation to stabilize again in the market, mainly in the financial Department in order to reopen the doors of the banking system. This is because the banks were closed for the company because of allegations of corruption.

As a result of a leniency agreement, which is still pending, Odebrecht will have to get resources to pay a fine of R $6 billion, to be paid in installments. With a gross debt of 110 billion R$ she still managed to avoid any process of reorganization, selling some of its businesses and investments in concessions. With sales, was able to reduce in $5 billion debt to the group.

Despite the allegations of involvement in corruption, part of Odebrecht oil & gas seems to have come out unscathed from allegations of corruption and that tends to facilitate the renegotiation with Petrobras.


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