Job offer and map of shipyards in Brazil

Since the month of May, when Petrobras launched bidding to hire construction and assembly services for more than 10 platforms in the Campos Basin, the search for jobs in this sector has increased, and many professionals do not know where to search for information.

In this bid the state divided the competition into four distinct lots, and each company could win two, and some of them exclusive to others. Thus the plots were divided into the contracting of services for the platforms P-52, P-54, P-55 and P-62, another with the units for-1 and P-53. The P-38, P-51 and P-56 platforms are now in the third batch, and the room is the P-43, P-48 and P-50 platforms.

Orteng companies participated, potential method, Aker, Imetame, structural, Enesa, MIP and Manserv, which must resume this competition as Petrobras must increase the range of offers.

Agencies-the sector’s employment agencies, especially in Rio de Janeiro, ask for qualifications ranging from English fluent to culinary specialization. VagasOffshore, for example, new to the market, seeks to serve the professionals via registration, as also has opted for the digital service to meet the demand of companies, registering them, in this case talking directly with the leaders of human resources.

The professions sought are mainly layout, kitchen helper, driller Assistant (driller), mechanic assistant, Torrista assistant, Logistics Auxiliary, pumper, Commissioner (Hospitality board), Boatswain, cook, deck pusher ( operates load movement), Driller (plumber, drilling), nurse, cargo leader, area man (cleaning service), deck sailor, scaffolding assembler, machine officer, boiler operator, DP operator, crane operator, production operator, operator Leader, ROV operator (remote vehicle), control room operator, gravel dryer operator, baker, painter, Plataformista, physical Education Professional, bilingual radio operator, welder, charge supervisor, electrical supervisor, mechanic supervisor, Computer support, deckhand, Work safety technician, cementing technician, load technician, System control technician, electrical technician, Instrumentation technician, laboratory technician, mechanical Technician, Tool purcher (Task Force Drilling, Captain (Merchant Marine officer), head of machinery, sailor of deck, diver, master of cabotage, officer of nautical, Officer of machine, conductor of machine, mechanic, electrician, petroleum engineer, superintendent of probes, chief of Team of Probes, chemists, geologists, etcetera.

For those looking for jobs, the Offshore Panorama suggests that you make contact with the Brazilian shipyards, the sites or personally with human resources, and be sure to participate in placement agencies. In Brazil, there are approximately 40 shipyards, all with parcels. and its scope of services are generally provided by engineering, construction, integration and commissioning of topsides modules for FPSOs (floating, production, storage, offloading, in English acronym), manufacturing, converting and assembling structures for Oil, petrochemical, energy and naval industries, offshore repair and maintenance, port terminal operation and warehouse in general.

See the relationship of the map of shipyards in the country:


BRASFELS, SRD Offshore, Brazilian naval repairs Company – Reship, encountering Marine and Offshore Engineering, shipyard MAUÁ, MAC Lares OIL Shipyards, NITSHORE Engineering and port services, SERNAMAN services and maintenance, VARD Niterói, UTC Engineering, Alliance Naval industry, EISA Island Shipyard, ICN Itaguaí Shipbuilding, River Ship naval services, navigation Sao MIGUEL, operator triumph, SERMETAL, CASSINÚ, OSX Shipbuilding, DOCKSHORE navigation and services.


CAMARGO CORRÊA Naval, construction company QUEIROZ GALVÃO, Navigation SÃO MIGUEL, River TIETÊ (Araçatuba), VELLROY shipyards of Brazil, WILSON SONS.


DETROIT Brazil, shipyard ITAJAÍ, shipyard NAVSHIP, Keppel Singmarine Brasil.


EBR Shipyards Brazil, RG shipyards, QGI, WILSON sounds.


South Atlantic Shipyard, shipyard VARD PROMR.


The same


Inlet industry Naval S.A.

Holy Spirit

Jurong Aracruz Shipyard


Shipyard INACE




BIBI Shipyard

Source: Naval Map.

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