Growing optimism on offshore industry

Due to falling demand and increased supply, the oil industry has gone through torrid periods in search of enhancement of commodity, as well as for the recovery of the global market of "black gold", as the Offshore Panorama comes spreading in recent months.

To try to change the world stage, the members of Opec and producing countries have agreed to reduce oil production, in the quest for development of global oil and gas market. And, extended the Pact, initiated at the end of 2016, until March 2018.

However, even with the retraction and the daily oil price seesaw, the offshore industry begins to show signs of optimism for a change in scenery and recovery in the sector. At least that's what points the study made by the Norwegian consultancy DNV GL, performed with 723 professionals, among them 50.

The survey showed that confidence in the Outlook for the segment more than tripled from 2016 to 2017, and despite the executives still expect a tough year, most believe in recovery and in new business opportunities soon.

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