European oil companies want to invest in clean energy in Brazil

The European oil companies Royal Dutch Shell, Total and Equinor intend to invest in the production of renewable energy in Brazil. The development of these sources would increase 18% the participation of the solar and wind energy matrix of the country in the year 2026.

The interest of foreign State is due to the fear of shrinking companies and oil practices because there is a distance from the production of fossil fuels to combat climate change.

Recently, the Total French company initiated the operation of its first Brazilian solar unit in the state of Bahia with the capacity of 25 megawatts and with 78000 panels. And Shell company has assembled a team of ten people to evaluate Brazilian clean energy projects.

The use of clean energy is highly positive for the country because it has low cost; It does not cause harm to the environment; It allows the creation of new jobs and improves the quality of life, by reducing the emission of carbon dioxide to the ecosystem.

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