Oil leaked 14 years ago in the Gulf of Mexico is restrained

The oil spill that has been leaking in the Gulf of Mexico since 2015 is finally being contained, according to an announcement made by the United States Coast Guard. The oil spill of the extinct Taylor Energy was generated as a consequence of hurricane Ivan that caused a landslide submerged in 2004, and made the platform of the American company sink.

In 2012, environmental organizations gathered to prosecute the company. Since then, there has been a series of judicial battles with the oil company, which in turn minimized the magnitude and environmental impact of the leak. Recently, the company attempted to prevent the United States Coast Guard from moving forward with the plans to contain the constant flow.

Taylor Energy argued that it is not possible to completely eliminate the constant oil stains that often span kilometers on the surface of the water and that, to try to intervene could further increase the oil spill. However, a report presented by the lawyers of the Coast Guard and the Department of Justice pointed out that workers have advanced significantly in the containment and collection of sludge.

According to judicial documents, more than 30000 gallons of oil were collected since the application of the new collection system implemented in the region. Estimates of how much oil was leaking range from 1 to 100 barrels of oil per day.

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