Oil prices WTI and Brent close in high

On Thursday, June 28th, oil reached its highest peak in three and a half years. The barrel of WTI closed over US $73, with a 13% gain accumulated in the last few weeks, being 7% alone this week. At this rate, oil produced in the United States could have its best quotation in two consecutive weeks since December 2016.

At Nymex, the oil contract for August closed at 0.95% to US $73,45 the barrel, being the highest value since November 2014. Brent's contract in August also closed on high to 0.3% to $77,85 the barrel, in ICE, London.

The high of oil is due to the fact that OPEC (organization of the exporting Countries of petroleum) has high production because of increased demand in the market.

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