Oil sharing model may undergo modifications

According to the document of 256 pages produced by the government Jair Bolsonaro, sent to the National Congress, the management intends to revise the model of sharing in the concession of blocks for oil exploration and cites the intention to create conditions for increase in Competitiveness in auctions by improving production sharing legislation.

 The document also provides the idea of a multiannual auction calendar for the oil sector. In relation to the market, the government debates on creating conditions to guarantee freedom in fuel price training, that is, companies will be able to choose in relation to the value of each place, however, there has been no divulged information on the Measure. The natural gas sector, the plan provides for diversification of supply, guarantee of transparency and free access to the transport segment.

The renewable sector has also been guided, in which there is the objective of establishing an environment for the introduction of renewable fuels in a transition agenda and also incorporating innovations and technologies that ensure productivity for the country.

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