Oil on nordestine beaches is the agenda in the Chamber

Since the beginning of September, the beaches of the Northeast have been affected by the emergence of oil stains of mysterious origin and, according to Ibama, in an updated balance sheet last Wednesday (2), 115 localities in 55 municipalities of 8 states have already been polluted. A joint action was filed by six governments affected by the spill and approved by the Mine and Energy Commission of the House of Deputies for the realization of a public hearing that will debate the subject.

Filed by Congressman Pedro Lupion (DEM/PR), the application will convene representatives of the Ministry of the Environment, Ibama, ANP (National agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and biofuels), navy, Petrobras and Greenpeace to update them on The environmental impact of the leak and its possible origin.

The hearing has not yet been scheduled, but Lupion states that “the deepening of the debate is as it is necessary for the invited authorities to be able to Mungo this legislative house of more substantial information.” For now, the Ibama team responsible for the investigation believes that the oil dump was from a ship that Trafficd near the Brazilian coast.

Click here to see the map of the affected locales.

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