Old tires saw sustainable tracks in Italy

The new technology designed to increase solar power generation in Italy. Greenrail Solar, the company responsible for by the project, developed a technology that allows the manufacture of sustainable rails to the rail system from the reuse of rubber old tires Recycled.

According to the company's CEO, Giovanni De Lisi, the idea arose when noting that trains in the railway system are exposed in sunlight by much of the time. Thus, the project of solar energy collection arose for the use on sustainable trails. In addition, the use of solar panels photovoltaics was also incorporated.

The benefit of the new sustainable version of electric generation is that the maintenance cost falls by half, and the durability of the rails can be reach up to 50 years longer than traditional trails. In addition, the new rails reuse up to 35 tons of polluting tyres that are generally difficult to recycle.


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