Oil in the northeast: Volunteers ask for ' SOS '

The oil continues to cause disturbance on the northeastern coast. On Monday morning (21), a group of volunteers wrote a request In the sand of the beach of Itapuama, in the municipality of Cabo de Santo Agostinho, In the state of Pernambuco. The group asked for gloves and tractors to assist in the Removal of large sand oil stain.

Second last update of the Brazilian Institute of Environment Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (Ibama), has reached 200 the number of Affected by the crude oil spill. In the last few days, Groups of residents from various regions of the Northeast have volunteered to Remove the oil stains from the beaches.

According to the city of Cabo de Santo Agostinho, the municipality Receives the collaboration of traders to provide food to volunteers. Besides Four support bases were assembled in the city for the distribution of Personal Protective Equipment (EPIs): at Hotel Vila Valé, in Suape; In Gaibu Beach; On the basis of the Mobile Emergency care Service (SAMU) in Itapuama and the general Association of the Paiva Reserve.


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