Oil in NE: Maia approves and Chamber will have CPI

Last Monday (18), the speaker of the House of Deputies, Rodrigo Maia (DEM-RJ), answered the request of Congressman João Campos (PSD-EP) and created the Parliamentary Committee of Inquiry (CPI) to investigate the origin of the oil stains that spread on the coast of the Northeast and currently, they reach other beaches in Brazil.

The committee shall consist of 34 full members and a number of equal to alternates. The order determining the creation of the CPI must still be read in Plenary. Once the stage is completed, a deadline will be opened for leaders to make the indication of names to integrate the collegiate.

The purpose of a CPI is to investigate a certain fact, of relevant interest to public life and constitutional, legal order, economic or social economy of the country. These committees have investigative powers similar to those of the judicial authorities.


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