Production of terrestrial oil in Brazil is expressive

Despite the enormous advances recorded in the pre-salt cluster, onshore oil exploration is still obtaining positive results in its campaigns in several Brazilian basins. Responsible for the entire chain of development in the production of oil in the sector, the segment of exploration on the ground suffered rather difficulties with the growth of the offshore operation, however, it has shown promising and with considerable potential.

Oil production in these land fields is 35000 barrels/day. The Recôncavo basin, in Bahia, for example, had its land part the largest reserve proven with 0.2 billion barrels. In the proven reserves of natural gas there was a significant increase of 44.5% in the last ten years.

Contrary to what can be assumed, the oil and natural gas produced onshore are far from exhausted, especially in the ripe basin of the Recôncavo, where the volume of the reservoirs is still higher than the accumulated production since the decade of 1940.

Petrorecôncavo, which operates in Bahia since 2000, remains the largest independent operator of exploration and production of oil and gas, sector E&P, onshore of Brazil, thanks to the exploration of light oil (less common), in the basin of the Recôncavo Bahiano.

However, it was not only in Bahia that there was this growing production. Along with the Recôncavo, the mature terrestrial basins of Espírito Santo, Potiguar, Sergipe and Alagoas produced 162,200 boe/d, being 131,600 bbl/d of Petroleum and 4.9 million m³/d of natural gas in the first months of the year.

In addition, the market calculates that the production of terrestrial oil can be doubled in the next period and the Brazilian Association of Independent Oil and gas producers (ABPIP) predicts an investment of R $2 billion in the basins, as well as the generation of 200,000 jobs in Five states. This demonstrates that Brazil still has great potential in oil exploration away from the platforms.


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