Costly assignment can generate R $107 billion bonus

According to information from the Minister of Economics, Paulo Guedes, the amount to be paid for the auction signing bonus of the surplus of the onerous assignment will be R $106.561 billion, and R $33 billion will go to Petrobras as a negotiation of the contract additive closed With the union. The auction should take place on October 28th.

The contract for the granting of the concession to state the exploitation of 5 billion barrels of oil in the pre-salt area for 40 years in exchange for the payment of R $74.8 billion to the government. The surplus is about the production of more than 5 billion barrels agreed, and which has been negotiated between the Union and Petrobras since 2013.

The government is still studying how part of these resources will be used. The intention, according to Guedes, is to pass on to States and municipalities. The anticipated value may be up to R $6 billion of the money that will be collected with the auction. But the government has not, in fact, the actual value.

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