ONS warns of increased risk of blackout

The ONS (National Electric System Operator) released a technical note warning about the increased risk of blackout and rationing. In a statement, the Operator stressed the need for new measures to be adopted to control the hydroelectric crisis. According to the Operator, the takeover of new measures is urgent in order to avoid energy shortages in the coming months.

Seeking alternatives to meet the need to increase supply that is lower than demand, experts say it is necessary that there is an additional production that, in turn, can be achieved by reducing consumption. Among the suggestions given is the postponement of maintenance and the direction of the voluntary reduction campaign also for small consumers, such as homes and businesses.

In a statement, the ONS said that "It is essential for energy service to ensure the increase of supply by about 5.5 GWmed from September 2021", a generation that is higher than that currently offered by the Itaipu hydroelectric plant, which corresponds to the largest hydroelectric plant in the country and which has generated just over 4 GW). Stay on top of what happens in the energy sector through Panorama Offshore. Here you can provide quality information and news about oil, gas, energy, pre-salt, biofuels, fuels, technologies, Petrobras and offshore and onshore. Remember: your business going on around here! Check out: www.panoramaoffshore.com.br/www.facebook.com/panoramaoffshore/@panoramaoffshore


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