ONS reduces energy load projection in July

The National Electric System Operator (ONS) slightly reduced the projection for the energy load in July. However, it still predicts a small advance in consumption compared to 2019, amid the relaxation of isolation measures in Brazil.

According to the weekly bulletin released last Friday (24), the load of the national interconnected electrical system should advance 0.2% in the month compared to the same period of the previous year, below the 0.5% high previously expected. 

Performance should be driven by a growth in demand in the Southeast/Midwest, estimated at 1.8%, stable compared to the previous week. The North, on the other hand, should also have an advance of 0.6%, half of the expected 1.2% increase. 

On the other hand, for the Northeast, the projection is a 1.2% decrease in the load, while last week the expectation for the region was an advance of 0.1%. And the worst performance is projected in the South, with a 3.9% decline, worse than the forecast of 3.5% in the previous week