Opening Rio Oil Gas 2016: President of & Petrobras claims that State recovery will guarantee jobs

The President of Petrobras, Pedro Parente, said yesterday that the State is in "firm recovery path", but that there is still distance until the goals are completely fulfilled. According to him, who attended the opening of the Rio Oil Gas, in Riocentro &, the last two years were the worst in the history of the company.

But, as the agency associated press content, Parente said that measures have been taken to reverse the scenario. The President Michel Temer, who also participated in the opening of the event, stated that the purpose of Government is to create jobs. He argued that rebuild Petrobras will be crucial to improve investments in the country and open more jobs.

Fear said that Petrobras was a "symbol" of something that was fully "Misfit" in the country. But now, the company is one of the Brazilian companies more "tuned". The President celebrated the current market value of the State, he said, has risen in recent months.

"Since the beginning of the year, Petrobras, which had its market value of 101 billion R$ has the value of 240 billion R$, namely increased by 137% your quote in the market," he said.

Relatives praised the President's initiative of fear for offer conditions "industry development" and highlighted the decision of Congress to end the exclusivity of the operation in the pre-salt layer of Petrobras to open region's leadership to other oil companies.

According to him, without the measure, investment in the sector would be retarded, because Petrobras would not afford. "The pre-salt layer must attract billions in investment in coming years, Petrobras and private initiative," he said.

Relative classified as "disappointing" the fact of the reduction applied to the prices of gasoline and diesel in the refineries have not reached the end consumer. He pointed out that the company didn't research prices, but claimed to be aware of that in at least 11 States the price of gasoline has increased after the announcement of the State.


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