Final opinion on direct pre-salt sales will be April 10th

The Joint committee in charge of examining the provisional measure (MP) that allows direct sale of oil extracted from the pre-salt layer in the Union's possession concluded on Wednesday (4) Its cycle of public hearings. And marked for next Tuesday (10) The submission of the final opinion on the proposal.

In the debate this afternoon, one of the central points was the discussion about the best way to market oil. The original text of MP 811/2017 provides that it is preferably by auction. The legal Adviser of the State pre-salt petroleum S.A. (PPSA), Olaf Bentes, defended the approval of the MP to expedite the negotiation of resources.

— The marketing of the Union's oil is essential for the national oil industry to function — he said.

In the vision of the representative of the Ministry of Planning, Walter Baere, the measure does not entail damage to the union.

— PPSA is not free to establish and sell at the price that best suits your interests. No way. Because we fixed as a parameter, in the provisional measure itself, the reference price of NP that is recognized by the national oil industry — said.

For the rapporteur, Senator Fernando Bezerra Coelho (PMDB-PE), the initiative contributes to the activities of Brazilian refineries and to control the import of petroleum derivatives.

— We cannot miss the opportunity to strengthen the growth of our petrochemical industry and our derivatives industry, in the sense that we can bring about an effort to broaden our refining capacity. Source: Senate News

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