Opportunities for young apprentice warm up the offshore market

The Wilson Sons Offshore Company is offering vacancies for apprentices in the oil sector in the areas of maintenance, equipment entry monitoring in the workshop, control of Time appropriation in the SIEM system, request for material, consultation and registration of materials in the Klasmatt system, among others.

To participate in the selection process it is necessary to possess knowledge in the Office package, to be between 18 to 23 years, to be studying technical course that has learning programs, availability of 6 hours per day and is expected to close the education to After November 2019. The company offers aid in the amount of r$ 1,131,28 for workload of 30 hours per week in Niterói in Rio de Janeiro.

Stakeholders must submit their CV through the link https://bit.ly/2qmBA7w. The opportunities of Young apprentice, may serve for development and contribute to a brilliant future of the student. Stay informed with the Panorama Offshore portal and get inside news about the oil, gas, energy, biofuels, onshore and offshore markets. Remember: your business. Go to: www.panoramaoffshore.com.br and Www.facebook.com/panoramaoffshore


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