Employment Opportunity at Petrobras

The president of Petrobras, Pedro Kinsman, announced on Monday (12) that the state will build 13 new oil rigs in the Santos basin until 2022. Of these, eight will be operated by Petrobras itself.

The announcement took place during the event ' Offshore Base deployment as a lever for regional development ', organized by the Santos Trade association. Dozens of municipal, state and national authorities participated in the meeting.

"Our presence in the region has doubled in the last 10 years. There will be 13 new oil production platforms up to 2022. Two-thirds will be installed in the Santos Basin, which will be our main growth vector. The expectation is that in 2020 we produce 2 million barrels a day. "

For relative, the resumption of auctions is essential for the evolution of the project. "There is a fundamental demand, and so the resumption of auctions by the government was important. After that, with the success of the auctions, we have 13 companies operating in this region, generating what is most needed for a center like this. If there was no demand, there would be no center. "

The event was organized by the Santos Trade association, through its oil and gas sector chamber. The mayor of Guarujá, Valter Sumán opened the event. The mayor of Praia Grande, Alberto Mourão, the president of Codesp, José Alex de Oliva and vice-mayor of Cubatão, Pedro de Sá, talked about the importance of the event, as well as the mayor of Santos, Paulo Alexandre Barbosa (PSDB) and Senator Marta Suplicy.

Still in the morning, José Roberto dos Santos, of Geo Brasilis, a consulting firm that assisted in the elaboration of the study, showed how the Santos developed the oil and gas sector. "Ten years ago the region was not familiar with oil and specialized. Universities have created courses for the qualification of the workforce, the hotel area has also been expanded. The region has managed to plan for the sector, "he explained.

The president of ACS, Roberto Clemente Santini, also talked about how the idea of developing a study aimed at an offshore base came about. "What we are aiming at here is the development of saints and region. ACS walked the path, we did the survey and we hired a company to elaborate the study that demonstrates all the opportunities of the city with this offshore base. We seek the development and resumption of investment in oil and gas in the region, "he said.

Senator Marta Suplicy highlighted the importance of the resumption of the economy in the country for the investment to take place. "I couldn't do it without Brazil resuming growth and Petrobras recovering. We started this work last year, I myself attended several seminars to see how to make this take off. The process has returned and will happen. " Source: G1

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