OSX will lease Wharf area and facilities at the port of Açu

The OSX Brazil reported on day 10 of October that closed a deal to lease Wharf area and facilities located near the entrance to the channel 2 Terminal of the port of Açu, in São João da Barra, State of Rio de Janeiro. The company has not reported who was closed the deal nor the values involved in the operation.

"Such an agreement — in the form of a particular instrument of transaction and other covenants — provides for the conclusion of a final contract of rent for 20 years, renewable for an equal period," says the fact the company sent to the market.

The deal was approved by the Judgment of the third. Business Law Court of Rio de Janeiro, where dealing with the reorganization of the company.

"Under the plan of reorganization, the OSX confirms the execution of one of its pillars — the readjustment of the business plan of the unit in the Açu — ensuring the continuity of its operations and cash generation to meet the obligations laid down," adds the document.


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