Process optimization reduces excessive cost industries

With the technological advancement, the number of equipment, machines and devices that rely on electricity for your operation has increased considerably and jointly this growth, energy consumption also had highs. On this perspective, major companies and industries perform constantly review of electrical installations in search of greater efficiency, consumption and reduction of costs.

The work involves several energy management skills. Energy efficiency comprises a broad study to check equipment and technical issues related to the supply of energy in industries and enterprises of all segments. Its function is to identify feeders, circuits, electrical boards, sockets and other incompatible elements to meet new consumer demands. In addition to assessing the demand, makes the evaluation of hourly rate (green/blue), analysis of the load factor and power factor, checking for the presence of harmonics and lighting system.

The electrical installations fail for two primary reasons: by time, wiring and old equipment usually present malfunctions, loss of energy and other problems that can affect the company; and by the increase of consumption, often the electric plant building was not designed for the current power consumption, it is important that the industry make a review of all electric system. A good energy efficiency project, ensures greater safety and building facilities and reduction in consumption with the exchange of equipment and electrical conductors. The use of LED lamps, high performance motors and frequency inverters for motors can generate an average savings of 30%.

The work also includes lifting the individual loads on production and driving system of production and non-production system, checking equipment (compressors, air-conditioning, among others), verification of the maintenance program and to the users ' awareness to combat waste. At the end of the analysis with this data in hand, the companies are aware of all the problems identified and what are the solutions ideas for cost reduction. According to Armstrong, a company specialized in solutions for reducing and energy saving, this is a first step for the start of work in energy management. "Each case has different characteristics and needs, so the analysis of energy efficiency is essential. The important thing is to meet the customer effectively to reduce risks, assess the technical functions and reduce related costs ", explains.

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