P-74 from Petrobras arrives at Buzios’s fields

Petrobras reported that the ship-platform P-74 arrived on Saturday 3 to the field of Buzios in the pre-salt of the Santos basin, and must begin operation in this first semester. “It will be the first of a series of seven platforms scheduled to operate in Brazil in 2018, aimed at the growth of the company’s production curve on the horizon of the Business Plan and Management (PNG) 2018-2022.”

The platform ship will be anchored about 200 km from the coast, in depth of 2000 meters. The platform will be connected to nine producer Wells.

Petrobras points out that P-74 is part of the first definitive system that will produce the main area under contract of the onerous assignment, held in 2010. “In this way, Buzios, whose commerciality statement took place in December 2013, will enter into operation in less than eight years after the signing of the contract,” says in note.

The processing capacity is up to 150,000 barrels of oil and 7 million m3 of gas daily, both for P-74 and for the other four programmed for that field: P-75 and P-76 for the second half; P-77 to 2019 and Buzios 5, scheduled for 2021.

“The five production systems in this field will be able to incorporate 750,000 barrels per day to the company’s installed capacity when they are fully charged. Together, these projects will produce during their lifetime the volume contracted in the costly transfer to the field of Buzios, which is very significant, “says the director of exploration and production, Solange Guedes, by way of note. Source: Exam


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