Panasonic will be 100% renewable up to 2050

Panasonic Corporation joined the RE100 * Global Climate Group Initiative, which brings together the world’s most influential companies committed to 100% renewable energy. The forecast is that up to 2050, Panasonic changes the energy used globally in its operations, without production of carbon dioxide (CO2).

Since June 2017, when the “Panasonic Environment Vision 2050” (Panasonic Environmental Vision 2050) was created, the company has been adopting socio-environmental policy measures that have been growing over time, to be completed in up to 2050. Aiming in this long-term planning, the Japanese manufacturer has measured efforts in its production, for the non-emission of CO2 in its factories. In addition, the company has been using clean energy in its facilities, such as photovoltaic panels, for example.

The expectation is that Panasonic is increasingly integrating into the renewable energy sector, promoting environmental activities such as building model factories with zero carbon dioxide production in each region of the world and expanding clean energy suitable for Regional characteristics.

“Panasonic’s success has been built on the development of technologies that define our future. By joining RE100 and committing to use 100% of renewable electricity by 2050, Panasonic is sending a strong message that the energy landscape is evolving. Panasonic is joining a global movement of companies that are seeking a better energy system – because it’s good for their business, customers and environment, “said Sam Kimmins, head of RE100, The Climate Group.

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