Pandemic drives concern about clean energy

The interest of companies in clean energy in their operations should guide investments in generation in Brazil in the coming years. This search follows a market trend to invest in sustainability in the post-coronavirus, as indicated by the European Union in the approval of a crisis recovery plan with incentives to the green economy. Prices in Brazil's energy market have helped in the negotiations, such as the reduction in the cost of wind and solar power plants.

In Brazil, despite the crisis caused by the pandemic and the closure of several companies, investor interest in corporate energy contracts seems to remain stable. Giants of the global electricity industry have turned to the country for renewable energy. This is the case of The French Engie and the American AES.

Due to the uncertainty in energy auctions promoted by the Ministry of Mines and Energy in the country, companies have taken the course of contracts closed directly to consumers. Big companies like Anglo American and Vale are closing long-term renewable energy purchases. Atlas Renewable Energy has signed recent 15-year agreements to supply energy to Anglo American and Dow with plants to be deployed in Minas Gerais and Bahia.

Most contracts are for supply from 2022 or 2023, when companies hope to have passed the worst of the coronavirus crisis.


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